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  Classic Archives



35th All Canada Classic 2017

Location: Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta

Dates: June 29 - July 1

Classic Show: June 30th

Classic Sale: July 1st

Please contact the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association for more info: rules, entry forms, accommodations, schedule, advertising etc

Canadian Sheep Breeders Association: www.sheepbreeders.ca  1-866-956-1116

Hosted by the Alberta Sheep Breeders Association: www.albertasheepbreeders.ca  1-866-967-4337



All Canada Classic 2016

When: July 7th - 9th

Where: Richmond, QC

Visit: www.sheepbreeders.ca for all the info: rules, entry forms, accommodations, schedule, advertising etc in English and French

All Canada Sheep Classic fleece 2016



Supreme Champion Fleece

Jack Braat, Coaldale, AB



Reserve Champion Fleece

Ruth & Greta Mathewson, Central North River, NS


Range Wool - Class 1

1st Place - Jack Braat - 13.5 lbs, Coaldale, AB

2nd Place - Jack Braat - 12 lbs, Coaldale, AB


Down Wool Breeds - Class 3

1st place – Ruth & Greta Mathewson – 4.8 lbs, Central North River, NS

2nd place - Ruth & Greta Mathewson – 4.5 lbs, Central North River, NS

3rd place – Steven & Susan Mastine – 10.7 lbs, Danville, QC

4th place – Mark & Tammy Frost – 4.2 lbs, Kingsey Falls, QC 


Specialty Wool - Class 4

1st place – Mary Barter & Jean-Marc Gilbert – 2.9 lbs, Cookshire, QC

2nd place – Mary Barter & Jean-Marc Gilbert - 2.8 lbs, Cookshire, QC 


Crossbred Wool - Class 5

1st place – Steven & Susan Mastine – 10.6 lbs, Danville, QC 



All Canada Classic 2015

When: June 24th - 27th

Where: Red River Exhibition Grounds, Winnipeg, MB

Visit: www.sheepbreeders.ca for more info


Grand Champion Overall Fleece: 

Graham Rannie, Binscarth, MB

Champion Fleece White Wool: 

Graham Rannie, Binscarth, MB

Champion Fleece Long Wool: 

Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB

Champion Fleece Specialty Wool: 

Margaret Brook, Winnipeg, MB


Fine Wool White Class

1st - Graham Rannie, 2nd - Graham Rannie, 3rd - Wilson Colony

Medium/Down Wool White Class

1st - Sheri Bieganski, 2nd - Sheri Bieganski, 3rd - Janice Johnstone

Medium/Down Coloured Wool Class

1st - Bernadette Dowkes

Long Wool White Class

1st - Gerry Oliver, 2nd - Gerry Oliver, 3rd - Gerry Oliver

Long Wool Coloured Class


1st - Gerry Oliver, 2nd - Gerry Oliver, 3rd - Gerry Oliver

Specialty Wool Class

1st - Margaret Brook



All Canada Classic Fleece Competition Results  2015 Complete Results



Canadian Sheep Classic 2014

When: 9 – 12 Jul 2014

Where: Ancaster, Ontario

Visit www.sheepbreeders.ca for more details

All Canada Sheep Classic 2014 fleece entries

Class 1 Range Wool  

1st - Wilson Colony AB, 2nd - Wilson Colony AB, 3rd - Leslie Dyment ON

Class 2 Long Wool  

1st - Barry Grant ON, 2nd - Josslyn Richardson ON, 3rd - Mary Grant ON

Class 3 All Down Breeds

1st - Ron Gates ON, 2nd - Ron Gates ON, 3rd - Mc Brien Livestock ON

Class 4 Other Specialty Wools  

1st - Josslyn Richardson ON, 2nd - Carole Precious ON, 3rd - Carole Precious ON

Class 5 Crossbred Wool  

1st - Mary Grant ON, 2nd - Mary Grant ON, 3rd - Leslie Dyment ON

Reserve Champion  

Mary Grant ON - Class 5

Champion Fleece

Wilson Colony AB - Class 1

Sheep Classic Winners 2014 Sheep Classic 2014


All Canada Classic Ram & Ewe Show & Sale - Barriere, BC

June 28 - 30, 2013 

BC Purebred Sheep Association - more info and entry forms

All Canada Classic Ram & Ewe Sale in BC Canada


All Canada Sheep Classic 2012

Canada's Elite Ram & Ewe

Show & Sale

June 14th -16th, 2012

NSPE Grounds, Truro, NS

Info & entry form





July 22 - 24th 2011
Drake Civic Centre, Drake, SK

Sponsored by
Saskatchewan Sheep Breeders Association
Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited


CLASS 1: Range Wool
* Including Columbia, Rambouillet, Corriedale, Targhee, Merino
CLASS 2: Long Wool
* Including Romney, Lincoln, Leicester, Cotswold, Coopworth
CLASS 3: All Down Breeds
* Including Hampshire, Suffolk, Cheviot, Dorset, Texel, Arcott breeds, East Friesian and Charollais.
CLASS 4: Other Specialty Wools
* Including Icelandic, Shetland, Jacob, Karakul, Coloured
CLASS 5: Crossbred Wools
* From sheep which represent a combination of any two of Class 1, 2, 3 or 4.
(e.g. Long Wool breed x Down breeds)