CCWG Livestock Supplies

in Lethbridge, Alberta


CCWG Livestock Supplies has been a retail division of CCWG for over 45 years and has something for everyone from the smallest pet owner to largest farmer. 

Lethbridge, Alberta location serves our western customers in an old red brick building. They will be moving to the business park across the road from Perlich Auction Mart for Monday, May 8th. Construction is almost done! Check out the photos of the progress.

Our branch locations offer the same livestock related products we that are in our printed CCWG Livestock Supply Magazine Catalogue, plus much more. You will find all your needs for animal health products, ID tags, shearing supplies, stockman’s library, fencing, handling equipment, feeders, pet supplies for large & small.

Each of our locations has a wool depot for the sheep producer to drop off their wool while picking up their livestock supplies or check out our wool depot listing for one close to you.

CCWG Livestock Supplies in Lethbridge AB online store link CCWG Livestock Supplies - Lethbridge Online storeCCWG Livestock Supplies in Lethbridge AB 

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CCWG Livestock Supplies

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