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The co-operative grades and
markets close to 3 million
pounds of raw wool each year;
the majority of this coming from
Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

Each of the three general
classes of wool
(fine, medium and coarse)
are sold wherever the
best prices are available.


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Corriedale Sheep

Corriedale Sheep


The Corriedale was developed in New Zealand as breeders attempted to improve the meat characteristics of the Merino by crossing with longwool breeds such as the Lincoln. The Corriedale was imported into Canada from New Zealand and for many years was a popular dual purpose breed. Its popularity has declined with the decline of the wool industry.


Le Corriedale a été développé en Nouvelle-Zélande quand les éleveurs ont essayé d'améliorer les caractéristiques bouchères du Mérino en le croisant avec des races à laine longue tel que le Lincoln. Le Corriedale a été importé au Canada de la Nouvelle- Zélande et a été, pendant plusieurs années, une race à double fin très populaire. Sa popularité a décliné avec celle de l'industrie de laine.

Characteristics of Corriedale Sheep




80 - 125 kg



60 - 80 kg

Lamb/Ewe Percentage 

Pourcentage d’agnelage 

150 %


Qualité de la toison 

Bright, soft



22 - 34 kg

Staple Length 

Longueur de fibre 

8 - 13 cm

Micron Count 







Aveley Heritage Sheep Ranch
The Moilliet's

Box 10, Vavenby, BC
V0E 3A0

Ian/Karen 250-676-9574
Valerie 250-676-9234
Joseph/Cadence 250-674-8695 

Crow Hill Farm
Craig & Leslie Dyment

35 Ranchers Rd, Cameron,
ON K0M 1G0


Disdero Ranch
Laurie Morris

Barriere, BC


Marcroft Cottage Farms
Mike and Vikki Marrs

1168 Mallory Rd, Enderby,
BC V0E 1V3


Notuque Creek Corriedales
Wendell & Dina Bailey

Box 1133, Gravelbourg
SK S0H 1X0


Bill & Bonnie Scheel

3359 Vivian Rd, Newmarket,
ON L3Y 4W1




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