Courses, events & seminars sponsored by CCWG

CCWG 4-H Scholarship Program 

open to 4-H members
attending post-secondary education in agriculture-based programs

Sheep Shearing

Some course topics would include:

Shearing patterns, techniques and quality methods of shearing for better efficiency and the improved harvest of the wool clip.
Shearing gear preparation and grinding techniques, bio security issues
Health and nutrition
Fleece preparation.

Wool Handling

CCWG is intending to conduct wool handling seminars in Eastern and Western Canada at a convenient time and location during the current year. We are extending an invitation to all wool depot operators and shearers to determine if there is interest.

Please contact head office for more info.   613-257-2714


Wool Judging

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about the qualities of wool -- anyone who raises sheep, sells fleeces, or works with wool.