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Manitoba Wool Judging Course

Manitoba Fibrefest Fleece Competition

September 15, 16, 2017
Judge – Val Fiddler, Webb, SK

Grand Champion

G. Oliver – Wensleydale Coloured

Reserve Champion 

G. Oliver – Romney x Polypay – White

Fine Wool White

1. Brian Greaves, Miniota, MB – Ile de France x Polypay
2. Brian Greaves, Miniota, MB – Ile de France x Polypay
3. Brian Greaves, Miniota, MB – Ile de France x Polypay

Longwool White

1. G. Oliver, Carberry, MB – Romney x Polypay
2. G. Oliver, Carberry, MB – Wensleydale x Polypay
3. G. Oliver, Carberry, MB – Cotswold x Cotswold / Suffolk

Longwool Coloured

1. G. Oliver, Carberry, MB – Wensleydale
2. G. Oliver, Carberry, MB – Wensleydale x Romney/Texel

Specialty White

1. Tammy Ivanco – Shetland

Specialty Coloured

1. Linda Glowacki, Beasejour, MB – Shetland
2. Linda Glowacki, Beausejour, MB – Shetland
3. Linda Glowacki, Beausejour, MB – Shetland

Angora Goat

1. Terra Dionne, Saskatoon, SK
2. Terra Dionne, Saskatoon, SK


Custom Woolen Mills  
Alberta Wool Fleece Show and Sale 2017
Fibre Week, Olds, AB

Grand Champion White  

Inga Cernevska, High Prairie, AB (BFL x Romney/Merino)

Reserve Champion White 

Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Wensleydale)

Grand Champion Coloured 

Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Wensleydale)

Reserve Champion Coloured 

Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Cotswold)


Fine - White 

1st – Inga Cernevska, High Prairie, AB (Rambouillet)
2nd – Inga Cernevska, High Prairie, AB (BFL)
3rd – Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Polypay x Ile de France)

Medium - White

1st - Jodi Gingras, Langden, AB (Dorset)
2nd – Lynne Anderson, Tappen, BC (Shropshire)
3rd – Jodi Gingras, Langden, AB (Suffolk)

Longwool - White 

1st – Inga Cernevska, High Prairie, AB (BFL x Romney/Merino)
2nd – Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Wensleydale)
3rd – Gerry Oliver – Wensleydale x Polypay)

Fine - Coloured 

1st – Kammy Johnson, Helena, MT (Rambouillet)
2nd – Kammy Johnson, Helena, MT (Rambouillet)
3rd – Kammy Johnson, Helena, MT (Rambouillet)

Medium - Coloured  

1st – Linda Toews, Bowden, AB (Jacob x)
2nd – Lena Toews, Bowden, AB (Suffolk x NCC)
3rd – Jodi Gingras, Langden, AB (Suffolk)

Longwool - Coloured 

1st – Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Wensleydale)
2nd – Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Cotswold)
3rd – Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB (Romney)

Specialty - Coloured  

1st – Kim Stretting, New Norway, AB (Icelandic)
2nd – Kim Stretting, New Norway, AB (Icelandic)
3rd – Linda Toews, Bowden, AB (Jacob)

CVM/Romeldale - Coloured

1st- Lynn Anderson, Tappen, BC (CVM)
2nd – Lynn Anderson, Tappen, BC (Romeldale)
3rd – Sonja Gregg/Bruce Husband, Salmon Arm, BC (CVM)

Judge – Val Fiddler, Webb, SK
Show Coordinator -  Linda Toews
Sponsor – Custom Woolen Mills, Carstairs, AB

Olds Fibre Week Fleece results



Blue Hills Fibre Festival, Carberry, MB 
June 10, 2017

Fleece Competition results:

Fine Wool White 

1  Gerry Oliver - Polypay
2  Diana Neuman - Dorset

Medium Wool 

1  Gerry Oliver - Texel
2  Sherri Beiganski - Dorset

Long Wool     

1  Gerry Oliver - 3/4 Wensleydale x  1/4 Romney coloured
2  Gerry Oliver - Cotswold x Romney/Texel  white
3  Diana Neuman - BFL x
4  Wayne Hofer - Wensleydale x Romney/Texel coloured
5  Wayne Hofer - Wensleydale x Romney/Texel white

Specialty Wool 

Barb Mulock - Shetland

Grand Champion

Gerry Oliver - 3/4 Wensleydale x 1/4 Romney

Reserve Champion

Barb Mulock - Shetland


Susie Gourlay, Regina, SK

Blue Hills Fibre Festival results 2017



Norwood Fair Fleece Competition & 4H Show - October 9th, 2016



 Download the prize list 





2015 Olds College Fibre Week



Judge: Susie Gourlay

Wool show results

GRAND CHAMPION - WHITE - Gerry Oliver  - Wensleydale

RESERVE CHAMPION - WHITE - Gerry Oliver - Cotswold

GRAND CHAMPION - COLOURED - Linda Wendelboe - Shetland

RESERVE CHAMPION - COLOURED - Gerry Oliver - Wensleydale

SPINNER’S CHOICE - WHITE - Sharon Kirschbaum - Cormo

SPINNER’S CHOICE - COLOURED - Gerry Oliver - Wensleydale


1st Gerry Oliver - Polypay / Romney
2nd Sharon Kirschbaum - Cormo
3rd Sheri Bieganski - Dorset


1st Gerry Oliver -Texel
2nd Sheri Bieganski - Dorset
3rd Sheri Bieganski - Dorset


1st Gerry Oliver - Wensleydale
2nd Gerry Oliver - Cotswold
3rd James Nyburg - Blue-Faced Leicester


1st Linda Wendelboe –Shetland
2nd Linda Wendelboe -Shetland
3rd Linda Wendelboe –Shetland


1st Kirsten Tittemore –Blue-faced Leicester / Canadian Arcott 
2nd Linda Wendelboe- Shetland
3rd Linda Toews –Suffolk/North Country Cheviot Lamb


1st Gerry Oliver -Wensleydale
2nd Ruth Zimmerman -Gotland
3rd Kirsten Tittemore –Blue-Faced Leicester


1st Linda Toews –Cotswold / Jacob
2nd Linda Toews –Jacob-3/4 / Cotswold –1/4
3rd Linda Toews –Jacob / Suffolk / North Country Cheviot


1st Linda Toews –lilac Jacob 
2nd Lena Toews–black Jacob
3rd Linda Toews –black Jacob



Manitoba Fibre Festival Oct 3, 2015



Gathering our community of farmers and artisans to share resources, skills, and the joys of creating with fibre. Join us!

Mark your calendars, friends. The Third Annual Manitoba Fibre Festival has a new date and a new venue! Friday evening October 2, 5:00 - 9:00 pm  and Saturday October 3, 2015, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at the Red River Exhibition Park 3977 Portage Avenue.

The fleece competition turned into a national event, with 29 entries from as far east as Nova Scotia, and included Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Some very unusual fleeces were also shown including Tunis, Soay, Black Welsh Mountain, Lincoln, Icelandic and Wensleydale, and both white and coloured. Judge for the event was Susie Gourlay from Regina, SK.

Judge: Susie Gourlay

MB Fibre Festival Fleeces

Fine Wool:

Champion - Brian Greaves, Miniota, MB - Targhee
2nd - Graham Rannie, Binscarth, MB - Rambouillet
3rd - Bernadette Doakes, Piapot, SK - Targhee

Long Wool: White

Champion - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB - Wensleydale X lamb
2nd - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB - Wensleydale
3rd - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB - Wensleydale

Long Wool: Coloured

Champion - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB- Wensleydale X
2nd - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB- Wensleydale/Romney
3rd - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB- Romney

Medium Wool: White

Champion - Kaitlin Hamill, Wawanesa, MB - Rideau Arcott X
2nd - Elwood Quinn, Quebec - Horned Dorset x Shetland
3rd - Mark Comfort, Brockville, ON - Tunis

Medium Wool: Coloured

Champion- Bernadette Doakes, Piapot, SK - Black Welsh Mountain

Specialty Wool:

Champion- Linda Glowacki, Beausejour, MB - Shetland
2nd - Garry James, Brandon, MB - Icelandic
3rd - Adam Mastine-Frost, Kingsey Falls, QC - Soay

Supreme Champion: Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB - Coloured Wensleydale X

Reserve Champion: Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB - Coloured Romney

Spinners Choice: White Wool - Kaitlin Hamill, Wawanesa, MB - Targhee X 

Long Wool - Gerry Oliver, Carberry, MB - Wensleydale X

Prize money for the fleece classes was donated by the Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers and the Spinners Choice prizes were donated by Susie Gourlay. Thank you to all who competed and congratulations to the winners.


3rd Annual Eastern Canadian Sheep Shearing Competition takes place at the Holstein Rodeo on July 12, 2014

Over $7000 in prize money

Starting time 9 am, finals will be held in the evening

Early bird registration before June 1


Don Metheral 705-466-2568

Wayne Orr 519-334-3751



Bucket list ticked at Golden Shears 2013

Doug Kennedy at Golden Shears 2013


Canadian Doug Kennedy, 74, is one very happy man. Attending the Golden Shears in Masterton over the past three days has been a dream come true for him.

“It’s been on my bucket list for years and I can’t believe I’m here,” he enthuses. “I’ve just left temperatures of 20 below and a metre of snow, so I’m happy to be in New Zealand on many levels,”

Doug knows what he’s watching too. He’s been shearing and teaching the craft for decades in his home state of Ontario. A teacher of elementary school children(9-13 years olds) by profession, he was literally forced into learning how to shear when his father died and he was left as a 20 year old with a 125 strong flock of large Suffolk ewes to shear. It was a small farm of 50 acres that he had been raised on and he wanted to make it work, in honour of his father.





Fleece Competition NS 2010

NS Provincial Exhibition Fleece & Wool Competition 2010



Truro, Nova Scotia 

August 25 - 28, 2010

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition 4th Annual Fleece & Wool Competition display

Crystal Fullerton & son demonstrating wool crafts (spinning, needle felting)

The top two fleeces were:

Champion:  Icelandic (ram) entered by Anne Bishop & Jan Morrell,  Mt. Denson, NS

Reserve Champion:  coloured Romney (ewe) entered by Logan Vroegh (age 11), East Noel, NS



Golden Shears World Championship 2008 

This was the first year that the competitions were held in a non-English speaking country. Competitors from 29 countries have entered this year to compete in the Golden Shears World Championship, which is more than ever before.

A total of 52 machine shearers, 23 blade shearers and 28 wool handlers competed in Bjerkreim, Norway from October 2nd to 5th, 2008. Congratulations to all who competed!

The Canadian Team

Maria Stiglmayr made it to the semi-finals to place 9th in the Wool Handling Competition.

Cliff Metheral placed 29th and Don Metheral placed 18th in the Machine Shearing Competitions.


Maria Stiglmayr

Wool handling
Nation: Canada
Hometown: Fraserwood, MB
Achievements: Prefers shearing to wool handling & she won the Intermediate Class at the Calgary Stampede 2008

Clifford C. Metheral

Machine shearing
Nation: Canada
Hometown: Nakomis, SK
Birth: June 17th, 1953
Married to Kathy
Achievements: Cliff has been in 4 world championships starting in 1980. He won at the Calgary Stampede as well also 2004 World Sheep & Wool Congress & Toronto Royal Winter Fair.

Don Metheral

Machine shearing
Nation: Canada
Hometown: Glen Huron, ON
Birth: July 3rd 1969
Married to Kelly, 3 children.
Achievements: Has won the Calgary Stampede 3 times, the Royal Winter fair in Toronto twice also another first place in Miles City, Montana, USA. He has also placed 2nd and 3rd at the Denver Stock Show and at other various competitions.

Golden Shears World Champions 2008

World Champion Machine Shearing

Paul Avery of New Zealand

World Champion Wool Handling

Sheree Alabaster of New Zealand

World Champion Blade Shearing

Zweliwile Hans of South Africa