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The co-operative grades and
markets close to 3 million
pounds of raw wool each year;
the majority of this coming from
Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

Each of the three general
classes of wool
(fine, medium and coarse)
are sold wherever the
best prices are available.


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Gotland Sheep


Gotland Sheep  

Gotland sheep

Photo's courtesy of AnFarra Farms


Gotland sheep have one of the most lustrous & silky fibers of any sheep breed. Gotland Gray wool does not discolour in sun exposure. Gotlands are a relatively small breed making them an ideal small farm livestock option. They are naturally hornless & short tailed. 
Gotland wool; silky, lustrous, purling locks for spinning & a favourite wool of felters.
Gotland pelt; prized world-wide.
Gotland meat; mild, good flavoured and close-grained.
Gotland sheep; robust, resilient, bright, active and friendly
Gotlands are easy to lamb, have a high lambing rate, produce abundant milk and have strong mothering instincts. Gotland sheep are very inquisitive, making them an entertaining  and people interactive breed to own. They are a hardy breed; adaptable to a variety of management systems. They are friendly, calm and there non-flighty manner makes Gotlands the perfect choice for children and families.

Two registries in the USA
AGSS  - 



Characteristics of Gotland Sheep

General AppearanceGotland sheep are a medium sized, solid grey coloured, luster long wool with clean head and legs.  Bold and alert appearance with fine bone and good breadth and depth of body. Ears extend gracefully outwards.





165-190 lbs 



120-155 lbs

Lamb/Ewe Percentage 

Pourcentage d’agnelage 



Qualité de la toison 

Grey, dense




Staple Length 

Longueur de fibre 


Micron Count 







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Bailieboro, ON


Clausens Fibre Garden
Sue Clausen

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Dover Farm
Veronica Verweij & John Doig

301502 Conc 2 SDR
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