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Annual Lambs Down Park Festival

Saturday June 17th, 2017

10 am to 3 pm


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sheep shearing at Lambsdown Park Festival

Sheep dog demonstrations at Lambsdown Park Festival

Sheep Shearing Demonstrations 

start at 10 am and run every half hour until 2:30 pm

10 am  10:30 am

11 am 11:30 am

noon 12:30 pm

1 pm  1:30 pm

2 pm  2:30 pm

Sheep Dog Demonstrations 

11:00 am

12:30 pm

2:00 pm









Lambs Down Park Festival 2016 was a great success! Thank you to all who braved the heat to enjoy the day with us.


We had a fantastic time today and we wanted to thank you on behalf of the Guild for the wonderful care you provided to the members of our guild who participated at the Lambs Down Park Festival at the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers in Carleton Place.  

We displayed a variety of wheels and wool that we were carding, had carded / processed, and were spinning.  Julie finished her Tom K workshop project on her loom and at the end unrolled it for all to see.

We were located in the best spot, as many others told us.  A canopy, a table and few chairs were provided and they sheared sheep right next to us! We were able to demonstrate wool processing from fleece to fabric.  Some children tried out spinning on a spindle; others tried their hand at weaving on the demo loom.

Thank you from,
Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners'

spinners and weavers tent
Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners' Guild tents

spinners and weavers tent
Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners' Guild

spinners spinners drop spindle spinning sheep
Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners' Guild, Drop spindle demonstration and close up of a sheep

Knitted Knockers of Canada tent
Knitted Knockers of Canada tent
with Marilyn explaining what they are
Stop by the Real Wool Shop for more info
knitting knockers
Knitting a Knit Knocker for breast cancer survivors during
World Wide Knit in Public Day at Lambs Down
needle felting demo
Felting demonstration from a pro
needle felted guard dragon
Needle felted guard dragon
Real Wool Shop side walk sale sheep
sheared sheep with kids petting sheared sheep with kids petting fleece
petting zoo with goats petting zoo
petting zoo with boy feed goat petting zoo with todler feeding goats


2015 Photos


Waiting for riders

Pony Racers - watch the video

Pony Rides

Local Security

Sale table

Sale Table

Sawing Logs

All Setup and ready to go

One sheep being sheared - watch the video

Done! Not so hot now


Herding Sheep - watch the video


Face Painting

Teaching Juggling

Local crafters selling their wares

Kids giving the craft lessons for
finger knitting,
finger crocheting
and felting lambs

Beautiful handmade brooch and shawl

Finger Knitting Lesson

Felting Lamb Lesson

Angora Goat

Finished - felted lamb

Petting the big, black horse

Curious kids

Not sure if she should touch the goat

Dance lessons in the street



Further details on the festival can be obtained by contacting the CP BIA 

at 613-257-8049



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Lambsdown Park Festival

June 21, 2014



Lambs Down Park Festival 2014

Contact Cathie McOrmond at 613-257-8049 or to register today.


Lambs Down Park Festival - Saturday, June 16 2012

 download PDF of pictures

Lambsdown Park Festival


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ewe are invited to Lambs Down Park Festival!

The Carleton Place Business Improvement Association (BIA) isn’t sheepish about letting people know that Carleton Place is the largest distribution centre for lamb’s wool in Canada.

In fact, the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited, located at 142 Franktown Road, grades and markets close to three million pounds of raw wool each year.

In celebration of the town’s woolly existence, the BIA and the Wool Growers are joining forces on Saturday, June 11 to host the Lamb’s Down Park Festival.

“The BIA is working with the Wool Growers in an effort to bring awareness to the public about the tremendous heritage attraction we have in Carleton Place,” says BIA Manager Cathie McOrmond of the festival, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. that day on the Wool Growers property.

With wool being the fibre on which the festival is centred, the day will feature hands-on demonstrations of sheep herding involving working sheep dogs, sheep shearing and the spinning of wool. As well, in keeping with the festival theme, tours will be conducted of the Wool Growers facilities and there will be special lamb dishes will be cooked up by local restaurants.  “The Lamb’s Down Park Festival will be an opportunity for us to showcase some of the dynamics of Canada's sheep and wool industry,” says Eric Bjergso, general manager of the Wool Growers.

For those who would like to get an up-close look at a real live lamb, the Carleton Place Farmers’ Market will be showcasing some lambs and sheep on the festival grounds. Joining the fleecy guests will be a calf.  There will be local fresh produce, vintage new tractor displays, petting zoo and pony rides. 

NEW this year is SRC Music Students will perform following the Art’s Carleton Place Youth Art Competition finalists which will be presented at10 am.  People First will end their annual walk-a-thon at the event site and will host a fundraising BBQ.   Spectators can relax at a picnic table enjoy a bite to eat, a drink and great local entertainment.

Other aspects of Carleton Place’s rich heritage will be on display at the festival. For instance, since the Wool Growers occupy what was originally the round house and machine shops for the Canadian Pacific Railway, one display will track Carleton Place’s railway past. The Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce, which will be hosting a tourism kiosk at the festival, will provide information on all the exciting events planned for Carleton Place in summer 2011.  The Chamber will launch Carleton Place’s own playing cards of “52 Things to See and Do in Carleton Place”.  McOrmond says the BIA has created the Lamb’s Down Park Festival “in an effort to bring friends, and family, of all ages together so that we can share in the heritage of the community. The BIA has had great success with family events and is inviting everyone to come out and enjoy the displays, lunch and entertainment.”

Further details on the festival can be obtained by contacting the BIA at 613-257-8049 or by e-mail at 

To register your kiosk