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The co-operative grades and
markets close to 3 million
pounds of raw wool each year;
the majority of this coming from
Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

Each of the three general
classes of wool
(fine, medium and coarse)
are sold wherever the
best prices are available.



ArchivesAbout our Past President

2013 CCWG Presidents Message

Once again my message on behalf of our board of directors is one of appreciation and general satisfaction with the operations and financial success of our company. This continues to be the result of an energetic, dedicated staff who take pride in delivering the services of each division of our business. The constructive guidance of general manager Eric Bjergso, who heads up our team of employees is a dominate factor in our success.

Although the past year saw reduced prices for lamb and a drawback in sheep numbers, the wool volume was slightly reduced. An increase in producers benefiting from our quality and shareholders reward programs was encouraging. The establishment of a second grader and a new baler at the warehouse as well as other updates are indications of our ongoing commitment to the wool segment of the company. Attendance at the International Wool Trade Fair in China by our general manger once again continued our ongoing efforts to market the Canadian wool clip to the best advantage.

Excellent results at our branch and wool shop retail outlets have contributed to our positive financial position. Capital improvements such as the one currently underway at the Carleton Place Livestock Supply Outlet are the result of this. The new French language catalogue distributed this year will hopefully result in increased business at our St. Hyacinthe branch.

Directors continue to be active at exploring ways to improve the wool operation from shearers to sales as well as studying shareholder representation. Our involvement in the sheep industry as a whole remains constant by cooperation with CSF, CSBA and provincial organizations.

The death of BC director Ken Mallinson and retirement of John Balderson from Alberta South will create new challenges for us in the forthcoming year. Both have contributed significantly to our past positive operations. We welcome new directors Roma Tingle and Warren Moore. As always we appreciate the support of our shareholders and welcome their input and suggestions.

Respectfully submitted
Dwayne C. Acres



2012 CCWG Presidents Message

Again it is my pleasure to bring you this message on behalf of our board. The recent year has seen favourable conditions for the Canadian sheep industry with increased prices of wool and relatively stable prices for lamb and breeding stock. As we look ahead to the forthcoming year we again are faced with challenges. The outlook for the wool market sees falling demand and lower prices. The increase in feed costs and land prices will no doubt affect the profit margin for all producers. Along with other industry players such as CSF, CSBA and provincial organizations we will strive to do our part to serve the industry in the best way possible.

Directors have been active during the past year serving on committees to better serve our clients. By visiting a wool grading facility in the U.S.A., examining director representation based on wool production, a comparative study of remuneration to staff and directors, and an ongoing look into company's relationship with licensed operators and wool depots, decisions regarding our company's operation are being made on a well informed basis.

With over an 8% increase of wool volume handled for each of the past two years, we have maintained a constant handling and marketing cost. The improvement in handling equipment and construction of a new storage building at Carleton Place no doubt assisted in this accomplishment. Increases in sales at our various branches, with expansions in Lethbridge and Waterloo, continue to result in the profitability of the company. All of this is due to the concerted efforts of our general manager and a team of dedicated and eager staff who take personal pride in the company's success.

We look forward to the French language version of this catalogue which is currently in the making. Please explore the products and information contained in both.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Respectfully submitted
Dwayne C. Acres


CCWG Presidents Message 2012 AGM

Having been elected president at our most recent annual meeting it is indeed with honour that I bring you this message on behalf of our directors. With the positive atmosphere and increased numbers in the sheep industry it is rewarding to be a player at such an exciting time. With this growth will come challenges to serve the expansion and the influx of new producers. Along with other industry players such as CSF, CSBA and provincial organizations we will continue to serve and represent all producers as best we can.

Our branch locations, wool shop and head office, under capable and dedicated staff, will continue to serve the needs of our clients. The refurbished facilities at Perlich Bros. Auction in Alberta and the new outlet at Waterloo Stock Yards in Ontario are examples of our continuing effort to better serve the industry and continue the vitality of our company. As I write this message the new warehouse in Carleton Place is nearing completion. This will provide much needed space for our ever expanding supply outlet and help to relieve congestion and improve processing through the wool warehouse. Newly acquired mechanized handling equipment in the warehouse as well as the transfer of a loading ramp to St. Hyacinthe will assist in easing the labour requirements of wool handling.

While the past year saw increases in the price of wool we realize that we are only a small player in the global industry and vulnerable to the international markets. Created for the purpose of marketing the wool clip of the nations sheep producers, this mandate will continue to be the prime emphasis of our company. By exploring ways to assist our shearers and wool depots and controlling the ever increasing transportation costs as well as providing training to producers we can continue to market the wool clip of Canadian producers in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Our general manager and his team of dedicated staff continue to operate the company on a profitable basis which enables us to be a rewarding part of the industry. Please take time to explore the products and information included in this catalogue. Your input and suggestions are always welcome.

Respectively Submitted
Dwayne C. Acres