Horse world at CCWG Livestock Supplies in Carleton Place Ontario

Carleton Place Stockman Supply Store Renovation – it’s a go!

August 19, 2013

The CCWG Board of Directors have recently approved managements proposal to renovate the Carleton Place Stockman Supply Store.

The project involves demolishing and renovating the existing Stockman Supply Store which is contained within the warehouse and is comprised of an area of approximately 7,500 square feet. The original stone walls of our CPR roundhouse will be sandblasted to highlight the beautiful architecture of the building which was built in the late 1800’s. As well, fifteen large heritage style windows will be installed.

The following floor plans illustrate the scope of the work to be undertaken.

The plan will be to completely relocate the current store and inventory into our new warehouse building until the project is completed (estimated 10 – 12 weeks). During this time frame the new storage building will not be used for storage of graded wool bales.

The design-build contractor for the project will be Cornerstone Builders Ltd from Belleville, ON.


Click on pictures for larger size.

The temporay location of the CCWG Livestock Supply Store was in the new storage building while we renovated.

temporay location of CCWG Livestock Supply in Carleton Place CCWG Livestock Supply temporay store in new storage building in Carleton Place, Ontario


Before renovations begin & new design layout

CCWG Livestock Supplies before renovations start fall 2013

CCWG Stockman Supply Store before renovations in 2013CCWG Stockamsn Supply Store before renovations in 2013



Slide show of the renovation process

  • Temporay location of the Livestock Supply Store is in the new storage building while we renovate.

  • The new sales counter in the storage building.

  • Where the sales counter was located in the old store

  • Where the equine supplies used to be located before renovations

  • Walls coming down.

  • Cleaning up the mess.

  • Heading back in for more.

  • Skeleton walls

  • Some of the equipment used.

  • No entry, construction zone.

  • Tearing things up even more.

  • Old walls

  • Tearing up the old concrete floor

  • Stone walls to be sandblasted

  • Stone walls and support beams have been sandblasted

  • Floor is ready for the cement trucks

  • Taking out the old windows

  • New cement floor partially done

  • Cement floor is all poured, ready for leveling

  • Leveling the new cement floor

  • New walls are going up

  • 2nd partition wall going up

  • New walls partially done, waiting for windows

  • New electrical panel on new feed room wall

  • New windows installed on the front of the building, just waiting on the door.

  • New windows on the side of the building

  • New entrance way is installed

  • Working on the electrical panels

  • New roofing material raised by a crane

  • Hydro crews work on replacing the hydro poles and upgrading electrical service

  • Installing two new HVAC units on the warehouse roof

  • New electrical panel completed

  • Heating and cooling ductwork being installed

  • New feed room wall has been completed

  • Close up of new windows in the feed room wall

  • All the new windows have now been installed

  • The floor is finished

  • The renovation has now been completed and it looks great!

    We will be moving in by the end of January 2014.

  • Getting stock setup in the new store.

  • Sit a spell

  • The new shelves are full

  • We are open for business in the newly renovated store

  • Horse Country

  • Equine section