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Sheep Shearing Courses - dates below

We offer beginner and advanced level courses for western & eastern Canada.

Some course topics would include:

1) Shearing patterns, techniques and quality methods of shearing for

    better efficiency and the improved harvest of the wool clip.

2) Shearing gear preparation and grinding techniques, bio security issues

3) Health and nutrition

4) Fleece preparation.

 The course will be limited to 12 participants and early registration is recommended in order to secure your spot.


Western Canada Eastern Canada

Please contact Alberta Lamb -

Alberta Lamb Producers

Agriculture Centre

97 East Lake Ramp NE

Airdrie, AB, T4A 0C3


Please contact OSMA:


Peter Kudelka: 519-348-4266




2018 Beginner Sheep Shearing Course in Ontario

Sept 25 to 27, 2018 - space is limited to 6 participants

For more info please contact Peter Kudelka or visit OSMA website

Registration required: $200 cheque payable to Peter Kudelka

Requirements: please advise left or right handed and any food issues


Cell: 519-274-2050 


CCWG Wool Handling Seminars

CCWG is intending to conduct wool handling seminars in Eastern and Western Canada at a convenient time and location during the current year. We are extending an invitation to all wool depot operators and shearers to determine if there is interest. Please contact the undersigned at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Eric Bjergso, General Manager
Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited
Box 130 142 Franktown Rd
Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P3


2017 Beginner Sheep Shearing Course in Ontario

Sept 26 to 28, 2017 - space limited to 6 participants

For more info please contact Peter Kudelka or visit OSMA website

Registration required: $200 cheque payable to Peter Kudelka

Requirements: please advise left or right handed, food issues


Cell: 519-274-2050 


Ontario shearing school 2017

A Shearing School for Beginners 2017

A successful Shearing School for Beginners was held in Everett, west of Alliston, September 26, 27 & 28, 2017.  The four students from across Ontario and two from Newfoundland spent one evening and two days shearing and learning to how handle sheep, the setting up and preparation of a shearing area and equipment, the shearing pattern, preparing fleeces, and staying healthy while shearing. With the support of Ontario Sheep, Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers, and the Agricultural Department of the Newfoundland government, the students were fully involved hands-on learning the proper techniques of the job. The three shearing stands were kept busy with the six students, who had two very active days. The students learned to shear with ‘plain jane’ combs on one of three flex-drives which allowed them to concentrate on technique instead of speed which will come later in their development.   

Students included Annette George & Andre Charlebois (a couple from Newfoundland), Gwynette Oosting, DeeDee Whitehead, Cameron Ostrander and Paula Smith. The instructors were Peter Kudelka, Tom Redpath and Katy Touchette. Our gracious hosts were Ellen and Dean Cotrell of Everette, Ontario.  The graciousness of this couple cannot be over emphasized enough and we thank them sincerely.

Peter Kudelka




2016 Beginner Sheep Shearing Course in Saskatchewan

Beginner & intermediate shearing school

Date: April 2-3

Location: Yorkton, SK: Eddys Sheep Ranch

Contact: Russell Eddy, 


2016 Beginner Sheep Shearing Course in Alberta

Interested in learning to shear?  There are two upcoming Shearing Schools in Alberta.

Grande Prairie:

Date: February, 2016

Instructor: Laurie Reid

Contact: Louise Liebenberg, or 780-523-9911


Date: April 8 & 9, 2016

Instructor: Shaun Fajnor

Contact:  For more details go to



2016 Beginner Sheep Shearing Course in Ontario

Sept 27 to 29, 2016

For more info please contact Peter Kudelka or visit OSMA website 


Cell: 519-274-2050 


2015 Beginner Sheep Shearing Course in Ontario

Tuesday Sept 29 to Thursday Oct 1, 2015

For more info please contact Peter Kudelka or visit OSMA website 


Cell: 519-274-2050



2015 Manitoba Shearing School

Aug 26th - 28th, 2015 Hosted by MSA
Instructor: Brian Greaves 
Tony Atkinsons assembly yard
Contact: Brian Greaves 204-567-3509

The MSA hosted a shearing school Aug 26th - 28th at Toni Atkinsons assembly yard, with Brian Greaves instructing. This year the course ran for three days giving students lots of time to get in as much shearing as their bodies could handle. With only three students there was lots of one on one with Brian. Brian went over everything from how to set up the hand piece through the actual shearing and then how to properly skirt and roll a fleece to maximize your potential return from the wool. With many producers having trouble accessing shearers when they want them courses like this are essential to starting new shearers on the right path. That being said this course is as valuable to the beginning or advanced shearer as it is to the producer. Brian believes that "Every producer should take a one day shearing course to be able to shear the odd sheep if necessary". Whether it is for treating flystrike, removing dags or crutching for lambing, being able to handle the hand piece of a shearing machine without causing undue hardship to yourself or the sheep is a very valuable skill. The MSA would like to thank Brian and Toni both for their contributions in making this shearing school a success.



2015 Spring Sheep Shearing Course, Holstein Ontario

March 4 - 7, 2015

Before the shearing season starts off in full swing, why not hone your skills or even learn to shear at an upcoming shearing school. 

There are limited positions so get in early. 

You may also qualify to have 50% of your fees covered by the Growing Forward 2 Fund. 

 The course will cover the following: 

gear set up

shearing pattern/positioning

gear maintenance 

briefly look at gear sharpening

wool preparation

health and safety

Please contact:

Ryan Bowden 905-9149-219 or Don Metheral  705-466-2568

PDF info sheet



2015 - 6th Annual Sheep Shearing Course

Place: The Turuk Family Farm

          5 miles north of Leslieville AB

Dates: February 20th and 21st 2015

Time: 9 am-4pm

Instructor: Shaun Fajnor

Cost: 275.00 +GST (288.75)

Lunch is provided as well as coffee breaks and snacks.

For more information or to register phone Jacquie at

403-729-3067 or email



The Modern Shepherd

Dalhousie University, Bible Hill, NS  -  Fall and Winter 2014-15

The Modern Shepherd is a four-module production course that provides you, the new entrant or veteran producer with up to date information to succeed in the Atlantic Sheep industry.

The individual modules, aligned with a typical production cyle, provide a combination of in-class sessions with hands-on practical activities and tours so you can gain an understanding of all aspects of raising sheep- from choosing sheep, breeding, lambing and marketing.

For more info


Shearing Training for Now and the Future

Are you shearing your own flock? Are you shearing someone else’s flock?

Have you ever said to yourself “Why am I doing this, this is so hard”

You are not the first person to pick up a handpiece and say that and you won’t be the last. Shearing is a hard, physically demanding job but at the same time extremely rewarding. The saying goes “practice makes perfect”. To perfect the art of shearing can take years of dedication and commitment. Due to the small flock size in Canada it is hard to shear the numbers needed to perfect your trade but with some expert training, instruction and guidance, the process of becoming an efficient shearer is made a lot easier.

Let me help YOU

If you require assistance please contact Ryan Bowden: 905 914 9219

- download full story


3rd Annual Eastern Canadian Sheep Shearing Competition takes place at the Holstein Rodeo on July 12, 2014

Over $7000 in prize money

Starting time 9 am, finals will be held in the evening

Early bird registration before June 1

Don Metheral 705-466-2568

Wayne Orr 519-334-3751


2014 Shearing School for Beginners in Ontario

What You Will Learn: 
Equipment Setup
Shearing Pattern
Staying Healthy Shearing
Sheep Handling
Wool Handling

When:  September 23rd, 24th, 25th, 2014.  The Tuesday night will be a 2 to 3 hour classroom session starting at 7:00PM.  Wednesday and Thursday will be hands on shearing from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Where:  This course will be held at the farm of Dean & Ellen Cottrell near Alliston

Why:  This course is aimed at preparing candidates for the advanced shearing course run by the CCWG and is supported by both the CCWG and Ontario Sheep.

How:  This is a hand’s on course that deals mainly teaching the New Zealand Wool Board way of handling and shearing sheep.

Meals:  Smoko’s & lunch will be provided.  Accommodations , breakfast, and supper will not.  We will have a meal provided for us on Wednesday night after a chance to clean up after shearing.

Instructors:  3 for 7 students

Equipment:  Students will be taught with flex drops and hand pieces supplied by the instructors.  Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment for the last two hours.  All shearing will be done with plain jane combs with no hooks.

Cost: $400 My understanding is that students are elleigible for funding from the growing forward program of OMAFRA.

Registration:   A non refundable registration fee of $200 is required at the time of registratrion.

Contact: Peter Kudelka 519-348-4266
Shearing School info sheet



2014 Advance Shearing Course - SK

There will be a two day advance shearing course open to shearers who have done a basic shearing course or have already learned the basics of shearing and wish to improve their technique.

Some equipment will be available to use but bring your own machine if you have one.

Will accept beginners if there is space available.

Date:  March 21st - 22nd,  2014
Place:  Chris Eddy's Feedlot, Yorkton  SK
Instructor:  Brian Greaves
Cost:  $175
To register contact:
Russell Eddy
1-306 620 6434


2014 Alberta Shearing Course, March 7 & 8

Place: Leslieville, AB (40 minutes west of Red Deer on Rod and Jacquie Turuk's farm)

Register: Please phone Jacquie at 403-729-3067 or email at

Date: March 7th and 8th, 2014 (Friday and Saturday)

Cost: $250.00 +GST

Time: 9am to 4pm

Instructor: Shaun Fajnor


2013 Sheep shearing School

Instructors: Randy Coulas, Doug Kennedy, Peter Kudelka

Shearing School 2013  click on pictures for larger size

Left to right: Randy Coulas, Scott Donald, Doug Kennedy, Mat Scott, Malcom Duffy, Ray Ford, Taylor Armstrong, Rob Scott
Kneeling in front: Dean Cottrell & Peter Kudelka
Absent : Sherry-Lee Byce

Shearing School 2013 working hard

Shearing School 2013  Shearing School 2013 Randy Coulas & Malcom Duffy     

Shearing School 2013 Matt Scott  Shearing School 2013 Scott Donald 

 Shearing School 2013 Ray Ford   Shearing School 2013 Randy Coulas, Scott Donald

Shearing School 2013 Shearing School 2013 Taylor Armstrong

A sheep shearing school was held  24–26th  of September  at the farm of Ellen & Dean Cottrell near Everett, Ontario.  Seven students were put through the programme under the watchful eyes of the Instructors: Peter Kudelka, Doug Kennedy & Randy Coulas.  
Tuesday night we sat around the table and after the  introductions we talked about equipment, sheep handling, wool handling, CCWG, Ontario Sheep and staying healthy.  Wednesday & Thursday were spent hands-on shearing 85 sheep.   The equipment used was flex shaft machines and Ovina combs, which kept the cuts to a minimum.  We also used the DVD by Fiona Nettleton on sheep shearing as a resource.  
Participants were Sheri-Lee Byce, Westmeath ON;   William McIntosh, Kirkfield ON;  Scott Donald, Mount Forest ON;  Matt Scott, Brantford ON;   Malcolm Duffie, Carters Point NB;  Ray Ford, Powasson ON & Tyler Armstrong, Renfrew ON.  Two were left-handers who decided to stay as left-handed shearers.
It was a very successful school that improved the abilities of all who attended.

"PDK Hoof Trimming" "PDK Shearing & Supplies"
Peter & Thelma Kudelka
Box 39, Mitchell, Ontario, N0K 1N0
1-519-348-4266 1-519-274-2050


2013 Shearing School dates for Manitoba

Dates: August 21st-22nd 2013
Location: Tony Atkinsons Collection Yard, Brandon,  MB
Cost: $275 - includes lunches, comb and 2 cutters.
$200 for those who have their own equipment.
The course is open to beginners and shearers who want some advance training.
On the August 22nd I will be doing wool preparation instructions for shearers and producers, this is open to everyone at no cost.
Please contact Brian Greaves 204-567-3509



Manitoba Sheep Shearing School 2013

School teaches art of sheep shearing ‘blow by blow’

Two-day course shows shearers how to separate the wool from the sheep with a minimum of fuss
By Daniel Winters
Manitoba Co-operator - Sept 5th 2013

Read full story on sheep shearing