The co-operative grades and
markets close to 3 million
pounds of raw wool each year;
the majority of this coming from
Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

Each of the three general
classes of wool
(fine, medium and coarse)
are sold wherever the
best prices are available.


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Guide for the care & handling of your wool clip

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Birch Hill Farm
Celestina Sztajerowski

Orangeville, ON

Tel/Fax: 519-925-6544

Cypress Hills Scotties & Border Collies
Christine Jobe

10112 Range Road 52
Cypress County, AB


Marley Hill Farm
Cat & Simon Laxton

Auburn, ON


Rattle Box Sheep & Angoras
Mary Marriott

Faulkland, BC

Tel/Fax: 250-379-2630

Second Chance Livestock Co.
Warren Moore & Norine Whiting

Claresholm, AB

Fax: 549-2465

West Country Stock Farm
Randy & Jelaine McDermit

Southey, SK

Tel/Fax: 306-726-4447



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