The co-operative grades and
markets close to 3 million
pounds of raw wool each year;
the majority of this coming from
Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

Each of the three general
classes of wool
(fine, medium and coarse)
are sold wherever the
best prices are available.


Download your copy today for a better return $$ 
on your 
wool clip.

Guide for the care & handling of your wool clip

Printed copies also available upon request.



Wool Preparation Guide

Improved Quality


Increased Returns


The more care you take with your sheep, the better value you will get for your wool clip.

The type of feed, bedding, medicine etc all have an impact on your final wool payment. This starts long before you even think of shearing the sheep.


Clean wool is worth more money



A Guide for the Care & Handling of your Wool Clip is full of useful tips and how to's that every wool producer should read.

Guide for the care & handling of your wool clip



⇔ Download your copy today for better $$ return on your wool clip.

Printed copies also available upon request.




CCWG Magazine / catalogue for 2016 


The Co-operative publishes an annual magazine / catalogue which is designed to assist the wool producer with information and a mail order catalogue for sheep & livestock supplies.

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Also available:

Wool Handling video CD and Preventing Wool Contamination video CD.

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Maximizing your Wool Cheque

With Brian Greaves





Shearing video:

Keeping Sheep Healthy & Harvesting a High Performance Fiber





Downloads - Téléchargmenets de pdf

Shearing Preparation

- Code of Practice for Wool Preparation

- Before Shearing / Shearing Tips

- Use Sheep Behaviour to your Advantage

- Sample Wool Grading Statement


Préparation de la Laine 

Instructions de Préparation de la Laine

- La Classification de la laine

- Avant la tonte / la tonte

- Instructions de préparation de la laine

- Politique d'achat de laine de la CCWG

Fleece Judging Score Card

Carte de Jugement des Toisons

Electric Wool Baler


Fleece Sorting Table Plans

Parquet de Tonte et Table de Triage de la Toison

Plans for a Fleece Packing Frame


Plans for Horizontal Square Wool Press


Plans for a Retangular Wool Sack Stand


Using Paint & Markers to Identify Sheep


NFACC Sheep Code of Practice  pdf

Link to NFACC site

Mouton code de pratiques  pdf

Lien vers le site NFACC

Wool Production in Canada

Wool Production in Canada (1.26MB)


La production lainière au Canada (1.27MB)



Shareholder Wool Shipper Loyalty Reward Program (SWSLRP)

The Board of Directors have approved a loyalty reward program proposed by management for CCWG shareholders that are also wool shippers. The purpose of this loyalty reward program is to recognize shareholder / wool shippers with a rebate on their wool clip.

Following each year-end and depending on the overall profit from all company business, the Board of Directors will allocate a percentage of the years profit to a reserve account for (SWSLRP). The rebate will then be paid to shareholder / wool shippers in the form of a CCWG profit sharing coupon which can be redeemed for purchasing products at any CCWG branch location. The profit sharing coupon will have an expiry date of 3 years from date of issue, will not have a cash surrender value and will not be transferable. This will be an added bonus for shareholder / wool shippers in addition to the standard shareholder benefits such as the dividend, discount plan etc. The calculation for the rebate will be based on the net weight of the current fiscal years wool clip at a pre-determined rate in cents per pound.

The original coupon must be presented at time of redemption.


Wool Preparation Incentive Rebate (WPIR)

1) Currently a bonus 2-8¢ per pound is paid on the total net weight of the wool clip (all grades including offsorts)

2) Eligibility is based on bright high yielding wool clips that have been well prepared and skirted with offsorts separated from main fleeces by a newspaper divider or packaged in a separate bag.

3) Shipped in well packed sacks.

Explanation:  The objective of the wool preparation incentive is to reward producers with a bonus for those that have taken the time and effort to present a clean, well prepared and packaged wool clip for grading and marketing. At the time of wool grading, our wool grader assesses if the producers clip qualifies for the bonus, depending on the quality and presentation of the wool clip. Offsorts are defined as the bellies, stained wool and tags.


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