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Shoot a 30 second video of a day on your farm

Written by CSF Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Call for submissions!

Shoot a 30 second video of a day on your farm and submit it to CSF @cansheep.

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Your view of the future of the Canadian sheep industry
 - responsible agriculture
 - women in agriculture
Why is sheep farming a good fit for you?
 - easy entry
 - low overhead costs
 - lifestyle
Women, here's your opportunity to share your sheep farming stories.
 - inspirations, support, perceptions, barriers, recognitions

Don't forget to tell us about what kind of sheep farm you have! 

Last day to submit...

What inspires you about Canada's sheep industry?

Written by CSF Wednesday, November 18, 2020

What inspires you about Canada's sheep industry?

Canadian Sheep Federation asked for videos from Canadians. The response was awesome!
They have shared a compliation of video clips that were submitted on their Facebook page.
Check it out! 


What inspires you about Canada's sheep insdustry?

Written by CCWG Thursday, October 29, 2020

What inspires you about Canada's sheep insdustry?

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In preparing for the 2nd Annual Global Sheep Conference, we are working on a Canadian presentation that speaks to what our industry thinks the sector's good new story is.
Our hope is to collate short videos from all walks of the industry and we are putting out a call for submissions.  
PS:  Everyone is welcome to provide their own videos! Don't be shy.

CSBA Welcomes New General Manager

Written by CSBA Thursday, October 29, 2020

CSBA Welcomes New General Manager

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The Canadian Sheep Breeders’ Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Jane Underhill as General Manager effective November 1, 2020. The CSBA would like to express their appreciation to Linda Brandes for her talent and dedication throughout her mandate and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.
Jane lives in Montreal but is originally from Atlantic Canada where her connection to the ovine industry began. She brings extensive business and leadership experience to CSBA. Most recently she’s been a consultant for SMEs in various sectors including agriculture, sustainability, and natural fibres.
On a personal level, she’s been active in promoting healthy communities through urban agriculture, green innovation, and “buying local” initiatives. She’s a proud member of Upper Canada Fibreshed and an advisor to The Campaign for Wool and The Canadian Wool Council.
Jane speaks English and French fluently and is looking forward to getting acquainted with breeders and industry leaders from...